Vol 17, No 2 (2011)

Decolonising Action Research

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A special Edition discussing decolonising approaches to action research and related practices, featuring Indigenous scholarship in the action research field

Table of Contents


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Susan Goff cover
inside cover PDF
Susan Goff i-iii
Editorial PDF
Bronwyn Fredericks, Karen Adams 2-11
Engaging the practice of Indigenous yarning in Action Research PDF
Bronywn Fredericks, Karen Adams 12-24
Research as intervention: Engaging silenced voices PDF
Michael Wright 25-46
Decolonizing activism/deactivating colonialism PDF
Clare Land 47-68
PAR / RAP: Participation Action Research / Research Action Participation PDF
Bronwyn Fredericks 69-71
Intuition and congruence: researching peace in Melanesia PDF
Louise Vella 72-89
Cuckoo – using action research to record oral history PDF
Anna Liebzeit 90-96
Healing unresolved grief PDF
Thohahoken Michael Doxtater 97-117
While we are together this is how we see it PDF
Riripeti Reedy, Susan Goff 118-136
Using Gamma knowledge sharing as a decolonising approach to conference planning and facilitation PDF
Kim O'Donnell, Janet Kelly 137-156
Participation as a Method of Sharing Koorie Narratives PDF
Ian Hamilton 157-176
Book review PDF
Bill Genat 177-178
Membership and Submissions PDF
Susan Goff 179-181
Healing historical unresolved grief: a decolonizing methodology for Indigenous language revitalization and survival PDF
Thohahoken Michael Doxtater 97-117
Intuition and congruence: researching peace in Melanesia PDF ()
Louise Vella 72-89

ISSN: 2206-611X