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Action research on action research: A facilitator’s account

Allen Trent


This article describes research conducted by a facilitator of a statewide action research network, the Wyoming Teacher Policy Institute (WTPI). This group of teacher/action researchers organized with an aim of inserting teachers’ knowledge and perspectives into educational policy-making conversations. Teachers are typically excluded from the educational policy-making process (Kumar & Scuderi, 2000). The WTPI initiative attempts to change this situation by supporting teachers as they conduct action research and interact with policy-makers. The purpose of this study was to use action research methodology to document and analyze facilitator interactions with the teacher researchers.  This research focused on support strategies that enabled teacher researchers to conduct action research and affect educational policy. The study’s methodology is explained, findings are summarized, and resultant recommendations are outlined.


action research, educational policy-making, teacher researchers, educators’ action research, facilitation

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