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Action learning/action research knowledge development and translation - a 'learning conference' experience

Robyn Lynn, Michelle Redman-MacLaren


This article tells a ‘learning conference’ story about the establishment of a local conversation group on action learning and action research in a regional city in Australia that occurred between the ALARA 2008 and the ALARA 2011 conferences.   We describe our 2008 conference experience, the preconference action, the 2011 conference workshop which told the story of our endeavour through an action learning cycle, and our post conference reflections.  These reflections explore facets of the ALAR Conversation group including processes employed to date around the Cairns Conversation group.  The article concludes by considering options for future action:  stay as we are; change the focus on the current geographic locale to a local/national nexus; undertake a project; or share our reflections about the group process with the local ALAR network in order to move from discussion to action. In so doing we highlight the value of engaging the ‘learning conference’ approach for future conferences.


conference, knowledge translation, action learning

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