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Spatial Planning as Topic in Primary Sschool Classes

Peter Kurz, Regina Steiner, Regina Atzwanger


Spatial planning is about creating living space for present and future generations. However, participation in this area, which affects all people directly, requires knowledge and a reflected engagement with the basics of spatial use and design. One of the few programs of support on this topic for primary schools in Austria are workshops and teaching materials as part of the project “Spatial Planning Takes on School“ of the Environmental Education Centre Styria. A team of teacher trainers is evaluating and further developing this support program by means of Action Research. The research question is, "How should teaching materials and teacher trainings be designed so that teachers are able and willing to integrate the topic of spatial planning into their teaching?" This question is explored in a research design linking personal experience from conducting the workshops with data gained from outside perspectives.


Education for Sustainable Development, Participation, Primary Teacher Education and Training, Spatial planning, Teaching material

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