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New ways of representation – How can I represent Living Theory research in a way that creates new knowledge and resists hegemony?

Sonia Hutchison


This paper will explore whether a layered approach to writing up Living Theory research provides a way to show development of my new knowledge in which I resist hegemony.


Each layer will present different forms of learning through the use of three voices.


  • My storyteller voice will allow my story to stand for itself.
  • My narrator voice will introduce my living-theory that is emerging from my research and an analysis using an Adlerian understanding from my early recollections.
  • My meta-narrator voice will ask questions using an approach that is consistent with a Deleuzian ontology.


This paper will weave my three voices as a new approach to representing Living Theory to show how I developed my values of love, hope, justice and participation in my challenge of dominant discourses. The dominant discourses explored are the cultural expectations for children in care, how to undertake a restructure and traditional forms of research.


Living Theory; Adlerian Theory; Deleuzian Ontology

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