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A Reflexive Study of the Continuous Practice Improvement of a Global Marketeer

Michael M Dent


This short paper aims to introduce the methodology applied by a Global Marketeer based on the paradigm of Critical Theory and utilising an Action Research methodology with interpretative and hermeneutic foundations.    The overarching approach is known as Living Educational Theory as promulgated by Professor Jack Whitehead (formerly of the University of Bath).[1]  The specific approach I use is referred to as “The Living Thesis”, the methodology that I have chosen to adopt is that of Wong (2007), which is that of a case study applying ethnographic reflection to my professional practice.

[1] Whitehead, J. (1989). Creating a Living Educational Theory from Questions of the kind 'How do I improve my Practice'. Cambridge Journal of Education, 19, pp41-52.



Gently Phenomenon; Serendipity; Critical Moments

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